Why monobloks inverters?

Monobloc heat pumps are new, but increasingly popular devices, not only because of their simple installation, maintenance, and management but also because of their efficiency and economy. Monoblocks are extremely functional devices, as they are easily integrated into both new and existing heating systems, which reduces installation costs. The monobloc is installed only outdoors, controlled by an LCD controller, and does not take up space in the boiler room. The monoblock has an integrated Mitsubishi compressor, successfully used all over the world.
Heat pump monoblocks maintain a constant nominal heating power even when the outdoor temperature drops to -25°C.
A high-efficiency factor ensures the efficiency of the devices. The heat pump’s air-water coefficient of performance (COP) shows the ratio between the heat received and the energy consumed.
Thus, COP 3.5 – 5 (A7W35) means that after consuming 1 kW of electricity, we will get 5 kW of thermal energy.

Quick and easy installation of monoblocs and the all-in-one system reduces installation costs and time. All offered air-water heat pumps are inverters, which ensures quiet operation, and 30% lower electricity consumption compared to conventional ON/OFF systems.

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