How to calculate the power of the required device?

Tentatively 100 sq.m. the capacity of the device is required to heat the building:

Energy efficiency of the building Amount of heat
An old building with poor thermal insulation 10 kW
Isolated building 8 kW
Well insulated building 6 kW
A+ class building 4 kW
A++ class building 2 kW

When choosing a heat pump, we recommend that you apply for an individual consultation, as you need to evaluate many more factors such as:

1. Ceiling height, with an unusually high ceiling, the volume of the building increases;
2. The size and layout of the premises;
3. Number, size and thermal properties of windows;
4. Features of the heating system: radiator, floor;
5. Hot water preparation needs;
6. Cooling capabilities and needs.

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